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solo retreat

Give yourself a meaningful gift and book a solo retreat at Mahasiddha Retreat Centre

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"Staying for a few months at Mahasiddha Retreat Centre was an amazing experience. Although there was a feeling of being out in nature and solitude which is very calming, I never felt alone. In fact, it felt like I was surrounded by friends with similar motivation to mine. There is a sense that all of the causes and conditions for practice are gathered and all that is left is for your own mind to change.
If you are seeking a retreat place where the opportunity to really practice and get some traction on the path, and if you are looking for a retreat where you get all the benefits of solitude while actually never feeling lonely, I would highly recommend Mahasiddha."

C.S., MRC 2020



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(Mahasiddha Retreat Centre operates under the name of MRC Lodge and Cabins.)

Please let us know your timing and any special requests you may have. We will work with you to arrange the best accommodations and meal plan for your retreat. We can also advise on transportation plans.

The Canadian government now welcomes visitors from outside of Canada. Please review the requirements and preparation needed to ensure a smooth and easy entry. We have had guests from the United States, and the word is that crossing the border is not difficult as long as you have done your homework. Please visit for up-to-date information.

love from our guests

Every day, without exception, has been truly awesome, fresh, beautiful. And every evening I want to stay up and look at the starry sky but flop into sleep with a smile.